Follow through for your online business

Creative people have wonderfully creative ideas. Most of the time they have lots of wonderfully creative ideas. So many that many of those ideas don’t end up getting done. It is easy to get distracted with another new idea that may seem even better than the last idea.

Some call this bright shiny object syndrome. Others call this being flighty. Many people understand this issue, others just scratch their heads and wonder what is wrong that you can’t seem to follow through until a project is finished.

It is hard for a creative to have follow through sometimes. But it is important. You need to be able to complete projects. You need to find that focus. Wouldn’t it be great to have that sense of accomplishment? Wouldn’t it be great to say that “I did it!” That is what you can do when you find your follow through and your focus and see that project through to completion.

Finish Line, Just Ahead! You can do it!

So what are some things that you can do to prevent being “flighty”? To be able to finish those projects on your to-do list? To not fall victim to that bright shiny object syndrome?

Here are 5 tips to help you with your follow through

  1. Set Realistic goals — I know sometimes it is hard to figure out how long a project will take you. It is better to give yourself longer than you think you will need. I am not saying give yourself a year when you think it is going to take a month. Maybe instead of the month give yourself 6 weeks.
  2. Break down the task — Each project can be broken down into different parts. Then take those parts and give yourself deadlines. Again, realistic deadlines apply here, see #1.
  3. Turn off the distractions — For me it is the TV. I am not a huge live TV watcher but have been known to binge watch. Turn off the TV, turn off the email and the social media. Really focus on the task at hand.
  4. Schedule a set time to work on your project — I have a 2-hour block every day that I have set aside for my current project. Nothing else is going to be done during that 2 hours. It is just me and my project.
  5. Don’t get distracted — Even if that Joint Venture with your favorite person sounds tempting, learn to say no. You can always tell them, “that sounds great, but I have a project I am working on that I really want to finish, maybe after I am done we can revisit that idea?” 

This is really simplifying what is a very important step to becoming successful. It is important to any online entrepreneur that they learn to follow through with their ideas. Learning creative discipline will help you define and attain those goals you want.



Working as a Virtual Assistant to help others achieve their dreams and success is where Judith has found her niche. She is a mom to 5 and a disabled Army Veteran. Contact her today to help you in your entrepreneurial ventures.

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