About Judith

I will be honest with you, writing an “about” page strikes the terror into most people, me included. People may like talking about themselves, but actually sitting down and putting words to screen is a different thing entirely. An about page is important though, for every blogger and/or entrepreneur. You want those that are coming by your website to get to know you, to feel like you are friend or family. You want them to feel like you have something in common with them. That you aren’t some person only there to get page hits, or to get them to part with their money. You want to develop a relationship with them, and your about page is one way to work towards meeting this goal. Become real to your client or customer through your about page can be a daunting task, as I mentioned, but together we can do this! I promise!

With that said, here is my about page!

First off I live in Texas, but I am a transplanted Texan. I grew up in Pennsylvania.  We live in a very small Texas town, but I am lucky enough to be close to both Austin and San Antonio to be able to enjoy the convenience of a larger city.

I have been married for over 20 years to a great guy. We have 5 grown children. There are 3 girls and 2 boys. The 3 oldest are married, so you can add a few more children into the mix now.

I home schooled 4 kids so I have been a stay at home mom for over 20 years. I love working from home. During that time I earned my degree and worked various at home jobs.

Now let’s find out some interesting things.

10 fun facts about Judith that you may not know…

  1. If you shorten my name I prefer it to be spelled Judi. Yes, I am one of “those”.
  2. My favorite coffee is a mocha, but at the moment I am off caffeine. I know, what a bummer right?
  3. I am one of 6 kids, but my sister has 7 brothers and only 1 sister, that’s me!
  4. I live in the town that is the official BBQ capitol of Texas. We may not have many restaurants, but 4 are BBQ places. Oh and we now have a BBQ food truck!
  5. My oldest son was born in Germany, in a German hospital where English was not the first language! Fun times!
  6. I work to support my Disney habit. I love going to Walt Disney World!
  7. I color my hair different colors all the time. It is frequently Purple.
  8. I am a certified Aromatherapist and I make soap from scratch.
  9. My favorite fast food is Panera Bread.
  10. I am disabled Army Veteran and married to a retired Army Veteran.